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Eighth grade dance and SDC trip approaches

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On May 11, Ozark Junior High is hosting a school dance for the eighth graders and on May 12 the eighth grade class will go to Silver Dollar City as an end-of-the-year activity.

Silver Dollar City will be May 12, and the cost to attend is $35.00 per student. The morning of the trip, students will meet with their first hour class then they will be called by teams to load onto busses. Students must remember to travel on the same bus, with the same kids, as they rode with to SDC that morning. Students will be able to walk around with whomever throughout the day, but they will need to check in with their assigned teachers at least once while down there.

To be able to attend the Silver Dollar City trip, students must be passing all classes and have 90% attendance throughout  the school year. Any students not able to go can stay home, but  will be counted absent. Ms. Aust, an eighth grade teacher says, “The school dress code also still applies, but students are encouraged to wear their eighth grade t-shirts, shorts and comfortable shoes to walk around in.”

The school dance will be  May 11 and the cost to attend will be $5.00 per student. The pick-up and drop-off location will be in the east parking lot since the dance will be held in the east gym.   Every year the dance is a different theme. Last year’s theme was “Under the Sea”  while this year’s theme will be “A Night of Mystery.” School dress code also applies the night of the dance as well

The dance and the Silver Dollar City trip will both be times for the students to have fun and celebrate. 

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Eighth grade dance and SDC trip approaches