Oscars mishap

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On February 26, the Oscars were held at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. The 89th Academy Award show will probably be one no one will forget. A similar incident happened at the Miss Universe Pageant when Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner, but later took the fall when it was actually the pageant presenters’ fault for giving the wrong card to Harvey.

The Oscars’ host this year was Jimmy Kimmel and was heard making a comment during the mishap, “I blame this on Steve Harvey,” bringing laughs amongst the crowd.

When LaLa Land was announced as the recipient of Best Picture, the whole crew came up on stage proud of what they accomplished. Suddenly Fred Burger said, “To the love of my life, Ali Loewy, I love you. I love you so much, to my family, Mama, Papa, Jeff. Matt Plouffe, you kicked this off — and Damien Chazelle, we’re standing on your shoulders. We lost, by the way, but, you know.” This comment caused confusion in the crowd when the writer David Horowitz said, “What? You guys, I’m sorry, no. There’s a mistake. Moonlight, you guys won Best Picture.”

Horowitz kindly said that he would proudly give this card to his friends from Moonlight. When the director of Moonlight came on stage he graciously took the award saying, “Very clearly, even in my dreams, this could not be true. But to hell with dreams — I’m done with it, because this is true. Oh, my goodness. I have to say — and it is true, it’s not fake — we’ve been on the road with these guys for so long, and that was so gracious, so generous of them. My love to La La Land, my love to everybody.”

After the show was over Kimmel made the funny remark, “Well, I don’t know what happened. I blame myself for this. Let’s remember, it’s just an awards show. I mean, we hate to see people disappointed, but the good news is we got to see some extra speeches. We had some great movies. I knew I would screw this show up, I really did. Thank you for watching. I’m back to work tomorrow night on my regular show. I promise I’ll never come back. Good night.”

The mishap is currently under investigation as to how this occurred in the first place, but the cast and crew of both Moonlight and LaLa Land were very considerate to one another.

Fred Burger informs the crowd that Moonlight won Best Motion Picture and not LaLa Land.