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On Saturday, September 16, some of the Ozark Junior High ninth grade Grace Notes girls participated in District Honor Choir. Tryouts for the event took place at Kickapoo High School.

Breanna Pointer was a participant who was accepted into the choir. “I thought that this would be a great challenge and even if I didn’t make I would have continued to try again and work hard to get them next time!” Pointer shared.

Mrs. Campbell, the Ozark Junior High choir teacher commented, “This was the choir’s first year for these girls to have an opportunity to participate in an event like this.”

But trying out for a competition like this takes time and effort. Pointer says, “I sang as much as I possibly could. It took hours, upon hours of practice. I made time to do things, if I didn’t have time I made time because I knew that every moment counted.”

On Saturday of the auditions there were lots of people hustling and bustling around the building all day. Pointer says she fun on the bus ride and just getting to hang out with her friends through the honor choir experience.