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The volleyball season is slipping away for the eighth grade volleyball players. They have already had six games and they have won all of them except one against Nixa. The Ozark Junior High volleyball team had a game September 28, against Branson. To end the season, they also have to get ready for an upcoming tournament in October and will finish with the COC competition.

Ellie Kitchin, eighth grade volleyball player at Ozark Junior High, also runs cross country but can only attend some of the meets because of the volleyball season. The highlight for her this volleyball season was the first time the team got a kill. Her favorite part about volleyball are the games, interacting with other players and cheering each other on.

Kitchin says, “I would love to be involved in the high school volleyball program, but if that doesn’t work out I always have cross country to look forward to!”

For the ninth graders, volleyball take place during the same time of year as eighth grade – fall. The ninth grade practices take place at the high school after school. The coaches thought it would be a good idea for the ninth grade, junior varsity, and varsity teams practice in the same place. Coach  Brand is the ninth grade volleyball coach and says that her favorite part about coaching volleyball is getting to know her players.                          

On game day the ninth grade volleyball team first gets ready by warming up. During warm ups, the players have to get mentally prepared in different ways.

“Some prefer to listen to music and keep to themselves, while others like to dance to the music in the middle of the gym,” says Coach Brand. “I leave it up to the players, as long as we are focused when the whistle blows!”  

Coach Brand adds, “They are hard workers and always bring contagious, positive energy to practice. I feel very lucky to get to work with such a fun and talented group.”

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