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Tennis girls serve to the end of the season

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Thursday, September 14 marked the end of the freshman girls’ tennis season and they finished strong. The junior varsity girls played in a total of 14 matches and won 10 of those.

Coach Greg Hannah states, “The girls have made steady improvement as the season has gone on, they worked hard to prepare for it.”

Coach Hannah has been coaching tennis at Ozark for 13 years and said that the record of 10-4 is the best they’ve ever had.

Freshman tennis player, Raine Sherman, says that Bolivar was the easiest opponent for her while Coach Hannah said the team’s overall best match was Branson because their record was 8-1, which is the best match record.

Hannah added, “Tennis is difficult to coach correctly, many shots require fine motor skills and if learned incorrectly, can be very hard to correct.” Coach Hannah, along with the other coach, Mark McBain, have had a successful year coaching the girls and they have a winning record to show for it.

Tennis involves many different techniques such as serving, volleys, or backhand. Both the coaches and the players have put a lot of effort into the season – throughout the practices and the matches – perfecting these skills.

Raine Sherman says she started playing tennis because“it looked fun, it’s not a contact sport…and it’s one-on-one with the opponent.”

Sherman just started playing in June of this year and has enjoyed it very much. She’s proud of her season and is definitely planning to play tennis again next year.

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Tennis girls serve to the end of the season