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Dallas Eoff and Gasha Fevold are the advisors of the Culture Club at Ozark Junior High School and Ozark High School. Meetings are held once a month during advisory and sometimes after school at the park.

This year the eighth graders will be able to participate with the high schoolers due to the relocation of the seventh graders to Ozark Middle School and the freshmen to the junior high.

The high school club, including the eighth and ninth graders, make up 75 kids of the entire club this year. Ozark Culture Club  is for kids that take a spanish or french class, are interested in learning about french and spanish cultures and trying different foods from different places. The club requires a $15.00 fee to pay for the events and activities they will have this year.

“Oh yeah, definitely a fun club. It’s about having fun and hanging out with friends,” Mr. Eoff says. Culture Club will host at least four to five parties this year, and it is estimated that 20 to 40 people come to each event.

Talia Hendee and Alexa Mathews, both members of the Ozark Culture Club, are excited for the Mardi Gras party held in March. The club will also host a huge Christmas party that will finish up with a cooking competition.

“Yes, for sure a way to have a good time and be with your friends, definitely would join next year,” says Matthews. The language teachers also participate with the students.  

“French is an amazing language to learn, it’s a cool culture and language to learn,” adds Hendee.