Future Career Community Leaders of America

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The FCCLA (Future Career and Community Leaders of America) Club is coming to a start, and they’re fired up. FCCLA started August 16 at Ozark Junior High School. From the national headquarters in Reston, VA, FCCLA has been a part of schools since 1945.

The sponsors of this club are Mrs. Burke and Mrs. Low. Mrs. Burke states, “The purpose of FCCLA is to promote personal growth and leadership development through Family Science Education. It also focuses on the multiple roles of family members, wages earned and community leaders.”

Ozark’s is the only student organization with family as the main focus. FCCLA was first offered to OJH nearly eight years ago. “Our goal is to be a more active chapter through community service, leadership and competitive STAR events,” said Mrs. Burke. “So far this year we have already been able to hold a chapter meeting and complete the FCCLA Life Skills and Leadership Workshop at MSU.”

FCCLA has been a local chapter at OJH for the past eight years, this involves OJH activities. Students who are members of FCCLA have visited local nursing homes, held chapter meetings and more.Each year region 10 holds a meeting at Silver Dollar City that OJH members attend. Anyone who has taken a FACS class is able to join FCCLA.

Eighth grader, Remi Watson, who is a member of FCCLA, said, “Being in FCCLA teaches you things you need to know for career and financial reasons.” She adds that she joined FCCLA because it seemed like a good club to join and because it’s good for the community along with teaching leadership skills to its members.