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Boy gets chance of a lifetime

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When 11 year old Frank Giaccio from Falls Church, Virginia, sent a letter to the White House in August asking to mow the White House lawn, he probably wasn’t expecting the reply he received.

The young boy said in his letter it would be his “honor to mow the White House lawn” and that he wanted to do something big.

“I would like to show the nation what young people like me are ready for,” Frank explained.

He also stated that he admired the President’s businesses and had a neighborhood lawn care business of his own. He usually charges $8.00, but his dad convinced him to do it for free.

Then, earlier this month, the White House responded that he would be able to fulfill his wish, and so on September 15 he got it granted. Giaccio got to spend a day with the groundskeepers, which included him watering plants and mowing in the Rose Garden.  

Frank was so focused mowing, he didn’t notice the President walking right next to him until he was tapped on the shoulder and offered a high-five and then a handshake.

Although he didn’t get paid for a job well done, he did go to multiple interviews, got to meet the

President, and he even went into the Oval Office with his father and President Trump.

Later, when the President asked what the boy wants to do when he gets older, he replied that he wants to be a Navy SEAL. To this Trump replied, “Well, he’ll make it.”

President Trump also invited them to the Oval Office, telling reporters there that Frank might even be President someday, calling the boy the “future of our country”.

“It’s probably the biggest day of my life so far,” Frank said.

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Boy gets chance of a lifetime