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The Student Council elections for the offices of president, vice-president, treasurer, and secretary were held Thursday, September 21 during Ozark Junior High School’s advisory hour.

Ms. Smith, one of the the faculty Student Council sponsors, said that ninth grader Tristen Primison, eighth graders Draven Ipock and Shyanne Due were in the running for the position of president.

Not everyone is good for all of the positions though. “No, these have to be exemplary students, who are hard working and care for the students,” Ms. Smith explains. “They are the leaders of STUCO they organize the meetings, and organize the things that we do.”

When running for an office students have to be prepared. “Probably the week before the election, cause sooner than later is best,” Draven Ipock believes.

The presidency is quite an important position says Ms. Smth. “They are the leaders of STUCO they organize the meetings, and organize the things that we do,” Ms. Smith goes on. She believes that the student body should take this election seriously. “It is who represents the school, ideas, dances, t-shirts, etc.”

Students should take it seriously, but that is not how it always how it goes.  Ipock has noticed that a majority of the students don’t take the election seriously. “They aren’t involved in the situations, also with what is going on,” Ipock informs.

But when it comes to running, it takes more than glittery posters and speech on what each candidate will do. Ipock learned this at first hand while running. “Their personality, how much they know the school, and social status,” Ipock shares.

Remember to consider about you like about each candidate before voting. “They really need to consider who they are going to have plan the projects and someone who will not fool around,” Ms. Smith includes.

All the runners for the election have mixed feelings about it all. Ipock especially, “I feel a little worried, at the same time little calm. But whoever wins, I know the school will be in good hands.”