Students get fired up for Christ as FCA club begins

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OJH students and staff gathered around the flagpole to pray on Wednesday, September 27 before school. The event, called See You at the Pole is a worldwide event and FCA helped put it on at OJH. The first meeting of FCA will be on Thursday, October 19 in Coach Hannah’s room.

One of the many clubs at Ozark Junior High, FCA, is getting reading to kickoff. FCA is a student-led club that stands for Fellowship of Christian Athletes. This club has been at OJH for many years now and this year the first meeting was on October 19.

An event that has already taken place with FCA is See You at the Pole. It was on the morning of September 27, where students met outside OJH, gathered around the flagpole, and prayed about the students, staff, and our nation. About 43 people attended this event.

There are five leaders in FCA. Any student interested in becoming a leader, it’s not too late to have a leadership role, but it is too late to become an officer. One of the leaders, Hailey Hill says, “I want many of the students in our school to be impacted by FCA and come to Christ.”

Hill says if you are thinking about joining FCA you should. “It’s a great opportunity to learn more about Jesus and it’s a great way to interact with other Christians in our school.”  

The sponsor, Coach Cox said, “If students would like to be with other students that know Jesus and have interests in athletics, then it’s [FCA] something they should give a try.”

The first meeting was on Thursday, October 19 in Coach Hannah’s classroom at 7:05 a.m. More details about coming meetings and events will be on the weekly announcements.