Science Olympiad hopes to “rock” the competition

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The Ozark Junior High Science Olympiad is a team made up of all ninth graders. The team is now a C division team meaning they will be competing against sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

“Having a team of freshman competing in C division is going to be a challenge,” says coach, Carrie Woods, “Last year they were only competing against seventh and eighth graders, this year they will need to step it up in order to crush the competition.” The team this year consists of Emma Bassett, Sophie Bauman, Bretanya Blocker, Nathan Bohannon, Caleb Burg, Garrett Coggin, Dylan Fritz, Logan Reichert, Chaz Smith, Morgan Taylor, Alexis Thamann, Hannah Thompson, Leila Voyles, and Mason Waltke.

“The reason I decided to join Science Olympiad is because I heard about it last year and liked the idea of working together as a team to accomplish a difficult task that is spread out over a time period,” says new member, Dylan Fritz. “Especially after I read on the events some of them like “Mission Possible” sounded so fun and challenging to me.”

I am very excited for this year because I have events that I’m interested in, and I feel like we might be able to go to state,” says returning member, Garrett Coggin. “Mrs. Woods, the coach, will be able to help us all a lot more this year because she will actually be at the meetings.” The competition last year was on February 20. In the months before that, Mrs. Woods was unable to attend the meetings so the team was pretty much on their own.

Part of last year’s Science Olympiad team at competition. The Science Olympiad team has their third official meeting to start off the season. This year started off in August when Coggin sent out a thread of emails to confirm the team and events. “So far I like my events,” says Fritz, “Game on and Mission Possible are very fun.”

“I am very excited for this year,” says Mrs. Woods, “The team has great focus and we were so extremely close to taking the entire team to state last year, I think they are united front.” The top five–out of 26 teams–get to go to state. Ozark Junior High got sixth place. They were beat by only 22 points. The team hopes to go to state this year despite competing against upperclassmen. To accomplish this, they will start meeting “periodically”.