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Just keep swimming

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SPLISH SPLASH!  Eighth grade student Claire George swims as a hobby. She has been swimming since she was eight and began swimming on a summer league team at Fremont Hills Country Club. She tried out competitive swim and really enjoyed it so instead of continuing with the league she went competitive.

Now George swims at Drury University for Springfield Aquatics. George states that she likes swimming because of the physical exercise. “It keeps me in shape and I get to travel to meets with friends and family.” Kate McCarville is the one who inspired George to swim and the reason for that is she is not only George’s teammate and crazy fast, but she is humble and nice.

George has a goal that she would like to reach. For example she says,“I would like to make it to the Omaha Cup at some point which is a smaller version of the Olympics.”

George adds, “We often have practices 4-5 times a week and we have a meet once a month.”  The one who she looks up to in swim is Missy Franklin an Olympic swimmer. George says she looks up to Missy because she is talented and successful.

George’s fastest time was 26.10 in the 50 meter freestyle at the Indianapolis meet. There are many talented students at Ozark Junior High that participate in out of school activities like George who spends hours at swim practice each week working towards reaching their goals.

Swimmer Claire George, competes at the 4 State Splash in Joplin, MO, on July 30, 2017. Her time was 29.2 earning her 4th place in her age group in prelims and 3rd in the finals.


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Just keep swimming