Can the eagles

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Can the Eagles started last week on Monday, October 2 and ended on Friday, October 6. Though we tried hard, Nixa pulled ahead and won the Can the Eagles competition, but Ozark won the football game.  In total the competition raised $10,146 dollars and 59,138 pounds of food. All of the donations go to Least of These an association that gives back to families in need.

Mrs. Smith, a sponsor for Ozark Junior High’s student council, says there are ways OJH can increase the donations for next year. “ I think we need to do another food incentive like the Hurts Donuts party we did last year. We are also open to suggestions of what people think would be popular or a good incentive or idea to involve students.”   

“Our favorite part of Can the Eagles was to see all of the students in the school bring in food for Least of These,” says Ella Metcalf and Draven Ipock who are both on student council. For individual students that made donations, for every three cans or dollar donated they got to wear a hat at school for a day.

Smith says, “My favorite part of Can the Eagles was when the Least of These food truck comes and picks up the donations. You can always see the look of joy and thankfulness on their faces. It is incredible that we have so many wonderful students who want to help and support their community.”  

If you missed Can the Eagles and still want to donate to the cause you can take your donations to Least of These, or take them to the school library.