Future band trip to Disney World

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Next year, during spring break or right after school is out, the eighth through eleventh grades will go on the band trip to Disney World. The trip will take one day of travel and back, adding five days and four nights at Disney.

October 6 Tom Meyers informed the students about the upcoming band trip to Disney World. When the band heard the news, they were all shocked and overwhelmed with excitement, causing the class to be an uproar.

The band will be taking a bus to Orlando. The administrators will be trying to book a hotel at Disney World, if not they will be staying at a hotel near Disney. The students will be performing at Disney, but first Disney has to assign the performance days and times about six months out from the trip.

“This trip fit our program perfectly so it was an easy choice,” says Meyers.

The students have to reach a certain budget to attend the trip, but they are currently trying to come up with a price for the students. Students have fundraisers that will help them achieve their goal. The money students raise will go into a band account that holds all the money to attend this band trip.

A former student of the Ozark band, Brianna Schroeder say, “I was very ecstatic, and surprised.” Schroeder adds, “I’ll be riding a load of Star Wars rides and Guardians of the Galaxy rides.”

The Ozark band has long tradition of travel. The Ozark band has traveled to Disney World, Hawaii, and several New Year’s Bowls in its history.

“We travel and represent Ozark with our performances,” adds Meyers.