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The choir concert was on October 8 after practicing long and hard in the choir room.

Mrs. Campbell, the choir teacher at Ozark Junior High, worked very hard with her choir students to prepare them for this concert. There are many ways to teach a choir class said Mrs. Campbell, but her personal favorite is to use a lot of enthusiasm.

All that enthusiasm pays off. “Getting to know the kids and watching their faces light up when they do a good job,” explains Mrs. Campbell about her favorite part of being a choir teacher.

Mackenzie Felten is one of many choir students in Mrs. Campbell’s class. “The best part is that Mrs. Campbell will help you in any way she can! You can really tell she wants her students to succeed. She always says that ‘quiet perfections are better than loud mistakes’,” Felten informs.

Singing in choir isn’t a class where the teacher stands in front of the class talking the entire period. Mrs. Campbell wants to teach her students to be lifelong musicians and introduce them to all genres. She also allows the students to have a good time singing together. She does this by doing warm ups, having them listening to the songs they will be practicing, rhythm reading, sight readings, and of course rehearsals.

As a choir member, practice is important. “We rehearsed the songs, went over the songs, warm ups every practice, did one day of choir that all the people like the grace notes and the boys we were all combined to practice,” Felten adds.

The people in choir are a family in a way and Felten agrees with this. “The girls, they are all very helpful willing to help when you do something wrong. They are also all great singers and just super nice. They all are actually dedicated and enjoy singing in choir.”

There may be a lot going on in choir and can get hard. Felten has experienced this first hand. “It is super fun, the performing part, the concerts.,” explains Felten. “Practicing is not always fun. But in the end of it all, all of it is worth it, I really enjoy it.”