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Band students earn spots in District Honor Band

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This year several students from the eighth grade were nominated for District Honor Band. Along with that, ninth grade students were able to try out for a spot.  Unfortunately not all students were chosen to go, but some of them were still lucky enough to be chosen.

One of the eighth graders chosen to go is Anna Schnakenberg. This is her first time being nominated as well as the first time she will attend. The concert is set for November 11, and it is an all day event.

“I’m confident I’ll crush it,” she says. Schnakenberg is going with about 7 or 8 other people from our eighth grade band.

These students have been practicing constantly including Schnakenberg.“Yeah, I’ve been practicing, until I cut my lip open the other day and I had to stop.”

The chosen students were given the concert music to practice and work on. Schnakenberg says she enjoys the music that was selected. “I think the music is really good, but some of it is kinda slow,” she says.

Anna Schnakenberg was seated as second chair trumpet on Saturday, and played first part on the music. She had a great time, and says that she really enjoyed the experience.

The next District Honor Band Choir concert will be held next year, and more students will have to audition or get nominated to earn a place.


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Band students earn spots in District Honor Band