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Band places second in MSU homecoming parade

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Every year, MSU holds a parade before their homecoming game that junior high and high school bands can compete in. The ninth grade band competed this year. They were the only band in their section so, they received awards for an outstanding drum major and outstanding color guard as well as first place in their section by default. However, band director, Tom Meyer, was able to view the score sheet and saw that despite having only ninth graders, they had the second best score overall.

“The performance should prepare them to march in the cold,” says Mr. Meyer, “and march a longer parade.” The bands also got to watch the MSU marching band perform a few songs while waiting for the award ceremony to start. Despite knowing they would win by default, the band went ecstatic every time they were announced. After returning home by bus, they were told they would’ve got second if they had given out overall awards.

“The band did very well,” says Clarinet player, Sophie Lipchik. “We sounded great for being out in the cold.” It was fairly close to freezing when the band loaded the buses and it didn’t increase much by the time they arrived at MSU and began to practice.

The band performed a shortened version of their show tune from their marching show this year for the parade. Along with this, they marched around the track for practice. “I’m kinda relieved for marching season to be over,” says Lipchik, “because it was a little stressful at some times and we would practice out in the cold.”

“I love competing with the band,” says Lipchik, “because the atmosphere is amazing and the band is like one big family where no one is left out.”

“I enjoy watching the band perform anywhere!” says Meyer. “It’s nice to be able to represent our school to our and other communities.”  

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Band places second in MSU homecoming parade