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Nuclear disaster

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Some time in early October or late November a North Korean nuclear test site know as the Punggye-ri facility was destroyed when a nuclear test went wrong.

It is said that close to 200 people were killed at the test site, at least 100 people had been killed during the initial explosion, and later nearly another 100 North Koreans were killed trying to save the other 100. The disaster was made public by from Japan’s TV Asahi Today, but could not clarify when the accident or rescue attempts took place.

Punggye-ri was the site of North Korea’s sixth-ever nuclear test, nuclear testing has been a new thing for North Korea after many years of testing missiles only. The United Nations (UN) has been unhappy with Kim Jong Un’s decision to test nuclear weapons and talk of war as taken place of North Korea did not stop testing these type of weapon.

According to the head Meteorologist of North Korea, “Danger of a cloud of radiosactive fallout escaping from the site and spreading across an entire hemisphere.”  Along with this statement China issued a dire warning to Kim regarding the state of the nuclear testing site, saying that it was unsafe to test nuclear weapons.

There was only one time in history when a nuclear weapon has been used, and that was at the end of World War II when America dropped two nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, in 1945. The bomb tested by North Korea was a huge 100-kiloton explosive which was around seven times as powerful as the bomb dropped on Hiroshima during WWII.


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Nuclear disaster