Keeping an eye on the prize

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Andrew Calton went on the October 28-29 youth hunt this year in Aurora on his grandma’s land.

A youth hunt is a hunting session where kids between the ages 6 and 15 are able to go hunting without the competition of adults. It also teaches the youth how to be responsible, safe, but have fun, too.

Calton’s brother Tim also went with him on the hunt, but was not participating in the youth hunt. “I went bow hunting, since it is also that session as well.”

When learning to shoot and hunt, learning is mandatory. Calton says his brother and friend, Sam taught him a lot of what he knows about hunting. “My older brother is Tim and he is 33. Sam is his best friend, but they are the ones who taught me,” Calton explains.

Calton has worked very hard to get where he is today. “Two years ago around youth season is when I started,” he added.

Every person who hunts has the firearm or archery appliance that they enjoy using. Calton has a personal favorite. “I used a 243 Remington rifle. It shoots well, it shoots really smooth, and the coil isn’t bad at all,” he says.

Tim is very proud of how far his brother has gotten.  “He has great accuracy. He can do it pretty fast, too. This is a great ability especially at his age,” Tim acknowledged. Calton also really enjoys making his brother proud with this skill.

A great highlight of a hunting trip is if you get to shoot something. ”I got a nine point buck. I got it at 7:41 am,” Calton says. 

Everyone has that one thing that makes hunting fun, that one thing that is their favorite. As a hunter Calton knows exactly what that is for him. “The adrenalin rush you get. The excitement you get, it gets the blood flowing,” he concluded.