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Social studies students make public service announcements

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Students in Mr. Colvin’s honors history class made public service announcements that would relate to the Industrialization Era. The first attempt did not go as Mr. Colvin had wanted so he gave everyone a second chance with more guidelines. Only one group was not allowed to redo their projects. The group consisted of Lillian Tate, Abigail Manning, Aaron Tomczyk, and Savannah Eismen. Their video was about gender equity–specifically the wage gap between men and women– and it was the favorite of most of the class.

“Aaron Tomczyk, Abby Manning, and Savannah Isemen were all in my group. We got along great!” says Tate. “They are all amazing actors, and actresses. They were a great cast for our PSA and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better! We liked to talk and chat behind the scenes of the PSA, but we got it done real fast, everyone was on top of it all.”

The group took a very emotional approach with sad music and different group members explaining the issue. The only critique the group received was that there was not a sufficient amount of historical context, but the video was so good that Mr. Colvin was willing to overlook that aspect.

“I really felt students not only understood how to make a PSA, but also better understood their topic,” says Mr. Colvin. “The topics were not easy topics, it stretched the honor’s class and forced them to critically think about their topics and the relationship to the Progressive Era.”

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Social studies students make public service announcements