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Hartley Bassett in high school play

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Recently Hartley Bassett, an eighth grader at Ozark Junior High, recently held a role in the play, Sister Act, at Ozark High School. The play is about a woman named Deloris Van Cartier who witnesses a murder committed by her “mobster” boyfriend. She has to hide out in a convent undercover as another nun. While she’s there, she teaches the nuns how to sing better and becomes friends with them.

Bassett played one of the background nuns in the play, singing terribly like the rest of them in the beginning. She had a couple of solos during the song, “Good to be a Nun.”

Of course, like for any play, she had to audition. For the audition, she had to sing a song that was chosen from the play and read some lines. She auditioned with a girl named Cameron Manken.

“I honestly didn’t think I was going to get in,” Bassett says about her audition.

There was only one other girl her age in the play and it’s very uncommon for eighth graders to earn a spot in a high school play. Even though she was one of the youngest ones there, she knew all of the students on the cast.

The play was held November 16, 17 and 19. They practiced for weeks before the play almost every day besides Friday. The play practices could go until 7:30 pm.

Bassett believes she did a job in the play. “I did, but I lost my voice on the first two nights so I could have done better,” she adds.

Basses also says she plans to be a part of another play at OHS in the future. “Yes, 100%, but I’m not doing the spring play this year because I want to be in track.”


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Hartley Bassett in high school play