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Deck the halls

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas is one of the most favored holidays because all of the music, movies and more. Two students at Ozark Junior High get more into the Christmas spirit when the music comes on. Amy Surface, eighth grader, says that the best time to listen to Christmas is from November 20 to the end of the year. On the other hand Loren Newell, who is also an eighth grade student, says that the best time to listen to Christmas music is all year round.

“My favorite Christmas artist is Michael Buble because he has a good voice and his music has a catchy tune,” says Newell.

Surface likes the song  “The Christmas Song” by Bing Crosby. She has always liked this song because she has grown up listening to it. The first time she heard the song was on the radio in the car in 2004.

”I will never get tired of listening to Christmas music and this song because they get me in the Christmas spirit, it makes me feel cozy and it also makes me ready for the holiday,” states Surface. Both Surface and Newell listen to Christmas music with their friends, family, or alone anytime they get the chance.

Both Newell and Surface can’t wait for the Christmas season. They can both agree that their favorite songs have a catchy tune, give them a cozy feeling and it makes them feel more Christmasy. They are all pumped up and ready to sing along.

The Top 10 Christmas songs that appear on most people’s lists of favorites..

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Deck the halls