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Two Christmases

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There are two types of people during Christmas time, there’s happy and cheerful, then there’s people who don’t celebrate or believe in it. There are also people who decorate outside their house and people who think putting up their Christmas tree is enough.

Kendra Beard, a student at Ozark Junior High, still opens presents and has big dinners even though she does not believe in the religious aspects of Christmas.

“I have a little sister, so we’ve been doing all the “Santa” stuff with her,” Beard says.

Christmas is all about Jesus’s birth and being with family, but it’s also about having fun. Traditions are another source of fun than opening presents. Traditions are for having fun with friends and family. Rachel Neal, also a student at Ozark Junior High, has three Christmas traditions.

“We have three Christmas traditions. One of them is the Christmas Pickle. Christmas Eve at night this pickle ornament is hidden and whoever finds it, opens the first present. Second, Christmas Eve we get Christmas pajamas to wear to bed,” Neal says. “The last tradition is we have a nativity set in our house. During the season the manger is empty, but on Christmas morning, the baby Jesus is in the manger.”

Though some people may not believe in the Christmas spirit, it is still important to spend time with friends and family.

“I think it’s a great holiday, it definitely is a time of giving and family,” Beard adds.

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Two Christmases