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The Greatest Showman hits theaters just before Christmas

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The film, The Greatest Showman, released into theaters on December 20. It stars big actors such as Hugh Jackman, Zendaya, and Zac Efron. The movie is about the first circus opening and has received many great reviews.

On December 20, a musical, The Greatest Showman, was released into theaters. This PG rated movie starred Zac Efron, Zendaya, Michelle Williams, and X-Men’s Hugh Jackman.

It was based on the historical story of P.T. Barnum opening the first circus. While Barnum did open the first circus, other parts of the movie were fictional. Actress Rebecca Ferguson played an opera singer, Jenny Lind, who was a real-life popstar in the 1850’s. Jenny Lind became famous because of P.T. Barnum’s shows just as in the movie. Two of the made-up characters, Phillip Carlyle, played by Efron, and Anne Wheeler, played by Zendaya were involved in an interracial relationship.

They sang, “Rewrite the Stars”, a song going back in forth of whether or not they were “allowed to love each other.” This movie is set in the 1800’s when interracial interactions were not encouraged, let alone relationships. Katie Wells, a ninth grader at Ozark Junior High watched The Greatest Showman January 1.

Wells said, “Of course I like the song, Rewrite the Stars because I loved all the different dances and what the characters were thinking; one wants this and the other wants this.”

Many of the songs in The Greatest Showman have received a lot of praise from various sources. In fact, one of the songs, This is Me won a Golden Globe award for Best Original Song. The official The Greatest Showman album has reached the number one spot on the album chart.

Wells would rate this movie an 11 out of 10. “The storyline was really good. It got me interested,” she added. Another student at Ozark Junior High, Makenna Lewis said, “My favorite thing about The Greatest Showman is how extraordinary the musical numbers are and how much you just wanna go download the soundtrack after the movie and how much you want to be part of the movie. Also I just love how loveable the characters are.”

Lewis did say that if she could change something about the movie she would take out the character, Jenny Lind because  “she just ruined the sweet relationship of him [P.T. Barnum] and his wife.” Both Lewis and Wells would recommend this movie to anyone.

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The Greatest Showman hits theaters just before Christmas