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Throughout the school year eighth grade students have been working hard in Mrs. Uccello’s class on their Spanish plays.

Lainey Pierson is an eighth grader who is going to be taking the role of “la princessa.” She shares, “Spanish is not a particular class that I enjoy, honestly my favorite part is leaving the class. I was really enthusiastic at the beginning of the year, but I am confused often about what is happening.”

Chandler Thrap is another student who is not having a “fantastico” time in Spanish. “It’s really hard,” Thrap begins. “Memorizing all those lines can be challenging because we are learning everything in another language.”

Pierson also says, “The play Marco El Mago has a weird storyline, most of the time you don’t learn about a magician and barking princess in school. It can be hard to understand what the characters and saying.”

Thrap adds, “Spanish class could be a lot more interesting if you actually understood what we were saying. I memorized the rap but that took a while, memorizing a play is not going to be easy.”

So to conclude Pierson says, “This year has been filled with many memories and funny times, hopefully getting a good grade on the play can be another memory to add.”

Students in Mrs. Uccello’s 4B Spanish class are working hard on memorizing the Spanish sign language. Spanish class is a year long class full of lots of activities like the play and worksheets. Maggie Kensinger says, “I love Mrs. Uccello and she is so sweet and she makes learning fun!”