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Bassett says that there are many benefits to volunteering, she even found a new passion. “I found a passion for nutrition when I was working at meals a million because you have to make sure that every component of the meal you are making has the right nutrition,” Bassett states. She also claims that volunteering will give students an increased pride in their community.

Ozark Junior High School students find ways to serve their community and better our corner of southwest Missouri.

Ozark ninth grader, Emma Bassett, is no stranger to volunteer work. Bassett has volunteered for  Meals a Million, among others, but has future service plans in mind.

“I volunteer for the school a lot, and a nursing home,” says Bassett. “I want to start volunteering at an animal shelter weekly. I’ve already made plans for that but I just need to find an animal shelter.”  

Bassett says that her mom was the one to get her into volunteering. Students who are interested in volunteering, but don’t have someone to do it with, can join several different clubs at OJH that participate in community service projects. National Junior Honor Society’s main focus is service.

Students can also try to join a mission group through a local church like ninth Grader Emily McCulloch did last summer. McCulloch went to Louisville, Kentucky this year where she helped with a downtown church.

Students can make a change, no matter how big or small it may feel. “I feel really happy because it makes someone else’s day a lot better and can change their perspective,” McCulloch says. She adds that other students can benefit from serving others. “They can really get a new perspective on their own life and turn it into something they might not have imagined.”