Eighth grade newspaper field trip

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The Eye of the Tiger newspaper staff watching the KOLR 10 live 11:00 news.

The Eye of the Tiger newspaper staff is going on a field trip January 26 to KOLR 10 news station. They will not only watch the airing of the 11:00 newscast, but learn what actually goes on in the news station and see how many other jobs there are that are hidden behind the camera.

Mrs. Wright is the newspaper and yearbook teacher and put together the trip. This is her third year teaching the publications classes and she loves it.

“What our day will look like is we will leave school at 8:15 and when we get there we will go on a tour and go over the different careers in the media industry. We will talk to the news director, sit in on a news staff meeting and then watch the airing of the 11:00 newscast while meeting with the reporters. We will then go eat lunch and head back to the school at around 2:00.”

Amy Surface is in eighth grader on the newspaper staff and says she is really excited about the upcoming field trip. “I am excited to see what it is like compared to what we see on TV,” says Surface. She also says she joined newspaper because she enjoys writing. “I like writing, interviewing people, and taking pictures. Also I was in yearbook last year and thought newspaper would be similar.”

Grace Vance is another person is the eighth grade newspaper class. She is excited for this field trip because she wants to see what other jobs there are behind the camera. Vance adds, “ I would totally recommend newspaper class to anyone who wants to join next year because it is a great environment and we have a great teacher and is a very relaxed class.”