Honors English classes attend touring play

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On January 11, the ninth grade honors English classes walked up to the high school after third hour and watched a one-woman play telling Ilga Vise’s story about how her family survived the Holocaust.

The English classes are currently reading Night, a book telling the story about Elie Wiesel and his family during the holocaust. The teachers hoped that the students would be able to compare the book to the play. After the play, Vise took to the stage and answered some questions that the students asked.

Following third hour, everyone in honors English reported to their teacher’s classroom. They ate first or second lunch and then walked up to the high school as a group. They took seats in the auditorium and were soon followed by the sophomores in honors English.

“I thought the play was overall good,” says student, Alexis Williams, “I would have liked more people.”

“My favorite part of the play was sad as it is was the part where the soldiers were pushing the girl’s face into the ice,” says student, Marcus Ensley. “The actor did a brilliant job of putting in emotion and sorrow and regret and it was amazing.”