Here comes the snow

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According to statistics, sledding is rated the third most enjoyable outdoor snow day activity. Many people across America buy different sizes of sleds, find a slope, and away they go! “I love sledding,” Claire Reynolds begins. “I normally sled on a steep hill behind my house with my friends and family.”

Missouri weather has always been a mystery, and on the third week of January many schools experienced a few snow days and Ozark Junior High students enjoyed their snow day in different ways.

Jasmine Specht, Caleb Burg, Bella Powell, Kaiden Bowling, who are all ninth grade students, enjoyed staying inside on their snow days.  

Specht shares, “What would a snow day be without watching movies, snuggly blankets, hot chocolate, and most importantly sleep!”

Bowling proudly adds that he loves eating chicken noodle soup and ice cream on his days off.

Burg tells the press, “The fact that I don’t have to come to school is very exciting.

I like staying inside because when I bundle up certain parts of my body sweat and my face is cool and my body is high.”

But not all students stay inside on their winter breaks. Emily McCulloch, Paige Chrastina, and Brooke Sederwall can all be found outside in the snow.

“Sledding with my brothers and sisters is definitely my favorite part of snow days, that is if I can have a cup of hot cocoa ready to go when I get cold,” Chrastina gleems.

“Snow isn’t actually my favorite,” Sederwall begins. “Actually I just enjoy running outside enjoying how beautiful nature looks. Also it is a much healthier option rather than watching Netflix all day.”

McCulloch laughs stating, “There is not a specific thing that I actually do in the snow. I mean I love the snow, but I don’t go outside saying that I want to build a snowman or start a snowball fight. I just like running around doing kandid things in the snow.”

So it is a safe bet that most students enjoy snow days, no matter what activities they are involved in, but was it all that necessary? Did the Ozark School District need to take off two full days of school and a late start on Thursday? Many students have different opinions.

Madison Carson comments, “It was a wise decision because although some of the roads were clear some weren’t and it is wise to be safe, especially with those crazy bus drivers.”

“The school district did a good job on this decision because it is not worth it to risk kids’ lives driving to school or even walking to school,” Bowling explained.

But Sederwall declared, “I feel like they honestly should’ve taken off four it is important to keep the students safe.”

Missouri weather can be a tricky situation for schools to make decisions for the community and in this case the majority of the Ozark Junior High students were pleased with the results.