The Mountain Between Us hits theaters

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The movie The Mountain Between Us is about “two people that never have never met before. One is a man that is a doctor and the other is a woman on her way to her wedding, but their flight is canceled due to bad weather. So they get on a plane without telling the airport they are flying and the pilot has a heart attack in the air. The plane crashes in the mountains and the two people have to figure out a way to survive. While they try to get home a lot of bad things happen to them,” explains eighth grader Grace Vance.

The movie is based in the 2000’s and it is full of both romantic and dramatic scenes. “This movie is very suspenseful because of all the different things that happen during certain seasons, “ Loren Newell adds.  

It is a real tear jerker and scary at some times and has some parts that might be too intense for children under the age of 10. Most people have liked the movie and it has received a 41% on Rotten Tomatoes and 83% of people that have watched it have enjoyed the film.

Vance says here favorite part was when the main female character almost drowns. “When she falls into the frozen lake and then the man has to pull her out is pretty exciting,” says Vance.

Overall most people enjoyed this movie and would recommend it to anyone that likes a dramatic or tear jerker movie.