History of Ozark Junior High

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Ozark Junior High School has come a long way since it was opened in 1964. Last year Ozark Junior High went through some major changes, instead of seventh and eighth graders there are now eighth and ninth graders in the junior high building. The district also made a few changes to the building. Instead of a traditional library they designed individual pods organized by genre. The band room now doubles as a storm shelter and there are two flex space areas – one in each end of the building for each grade to use.

Katie Wells, who is a ninth grader at Ozark Junior High says, “I love the improvements! I am surprised that they didn’t change the classrooms though.”

This is the ninth graders’ third year here because of the new rearrangement of the grades within the schools.

Mrs. Ash is a science teacher here at Ozark Junior High and was a student herself at this school. She has been teaching now for 14 years and says, “My favorite part of teaching is getting to be a part of my kids’ life – they crack me up.”

She also says the junior high is much different than when she was a student, both grades of the junior high used to fit into the ninth grade side of the building.

“I’m also so glad that I didn’t grow up in the age of social media, eighth grade is complicated enough without having to worry about “snap streaks…”whatever that is…I really am so uncool that I don’t know,” Ash states.

 Mr. Hubbard has been a principal at OJH for three years and says,”My favorite part of the junior high is the kids and adults that care about what we are doing educationally.”

The junior high used to fit kindergarten through twelfth grade, that just shows how far Ozark has come as a community and how much it has grown.