Spring into a good break

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Spring break for Ozark students starts on March 12 through March 16. Have a good spring break Ozark students and staff!

Spring break is coming up in a few weeks for the students and teachers of Ozark Junior High School. Eighth grade student Madison Morgan is taking a trip to the Dominican Republic with her family and eighth grader Lyla Watson’s family.

Morgan is looking forward to spring break and is very excited for her family’s trip to begin.On the other hand, ninth grade student Karley Kolstad, is taking a trip to San Francisco with her family and is also looking forward to the break.

¨I could really use a break from school for a week,¨ says Kolstad.

For Morgan, Kolstad and the students of OJH spring break starts March 12 and continues through March 16. Kolstad and Morgan prefer winter break more than spring break because of the Christmas holiday, the cold weather, the longer time away from school and getting to see family.

¨If I could go anywhere in the world I would go to Hawaii because it would be super fun and very pretty,” adds Kolstad happily.

Morgan’s favorite spring break so far has been when she and her family took a trip to Florida to visit her grandparents.

 ¨My favorite spring break activity is getting to spend time with my family and being able to sleep in,¨ adds Morgan.

Both girls may like winter break more because of the cold and the longer time off, but even though spring break may only be one week for them they still really enjoy the break from school with beautiful weather and the ability to travel.