Super Bowl Commercials 2K18

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Lakyn Cox, a freshman at Ozark Junior High School, watched Super Bowl LII, where the Patriots and Eagles went head to head to fight for the Vince Lombardi Trophy. With the Eagles first ever Super Bowl win, all of the players were ecstatic to bring the trophy home to Philadelphia. Not only is it the game Cox watched she also enjoyed watching all of the commercials that were played.

“My favorite commercial was the Dirty Dancing one with Peyton Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. I love the movie Dirty Dancing so for them to turn it into a commercial was pretty funny,” Cox says.

Cox always watches and enjoys both the game and the commercials. Others might say the commercials take away from the game a little too much, but Cox says that it does the exact opposite. “If anything the commercials played during the Super Bowl make the game better to watch because during the normal games the commercials are boring but the Super Bowl commercials are fun.”

“My least favorite commercial was probably the one with the headphones. I just thought it was weird and I didn’t follow it,”  added Cox.

She says she always watches the sporting games, but the championship games are always the best. “I also was really excited when we got the call that school was cancelled the next day because that meant I could stay up after the game.”

In Cox’s opinion the commercial that made her sad was the commercial about the beer being turned into water. “I thought that it was so amazing to see somebody step up and take care of people in need, people who were going through a hard time and didn’t have much left and for somebody to take the initiative and take care of his own by stopping the production of beer to make water for the victims.”

“I remember a few years ago I saw a commercial and I really liked it, it was about a puppy monkey baby, advertising Mountain Dew Kickstart. Puppy Monkey Baby will forever reign.”