“Wickedly” good spinoff of Supernatural released

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Stars of Wayward Sisters in the final scenes of Supernatural season 13, episode 10, gather around a table to enjoy dinner as a “family”. Some of the stars have been characters in Supernatural for eight seasons now. “It’s an amazing blessing to go to work every day with people I genuinely love,” says Rhodes.

On December 7 Supernatural aired its mid-season finale before taking a break for the holidays. The show came back on January 18 with the episode “Wayward Sisters”. The creators of Supernatural announced that they are creating a spinoff of Supernatural called Wayward Sisters that will star all of the female characters from Supernatural.

“I love the characters. I love that the playing field is expanding,” says one of the stars, Kim Rhodes. “I don’t, in any way, shape or form, want to take the ball away from the Winchesters and say, ‘Now, it’s the girl’s turn!’ It’s about more. It’s about more representation, more types and more perspectives.”

The show will focus on her character, Jodie Mills, and the other female characters in her “family”. All of the girls in this group have given up a lot (by choice or by force) to live the life of a monster hunter. They all bond over their losses and will begin to hunt all together as a team.

“I thought the episode was amazing!” says Supernatural fan, Kendra Beard. “I really enjoyed seeing more of the characters, especially since we barely get to see them in the show.”