Ozark gifted students showcase their work

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Hartley Bassett, Grant Guse, and Makenna Lewis pose for a photo for independent studies. These are a few of the students who participated in the gifted showcase January 30. Their projects were presented in front of friends and family.

January 30 gifted students from across the district came together at Ozark Junior High for a showcase. There was much variety in projects. Some were about the history of the Ozarks, other students made picture books, and the eighth graders had a slideshow and speech that they presented in front of an audience.

One eighth grader, Grant Guse said, “My presentation was about the book, Outliers, which is something we have been exploring in class. It explains what success is and I went more in depth on that. There’s academic and monetary success”.

Another student that participated in the showcase is Hartley Bassett. Her project was also done on the book, Outliers, but had to do with birthdays affecting how successful an author becomes.

Bassett has been in the gifted program in Ozark since she was in second grade. That is the earliest an Ozark student can start. Guse has been in the program since he was in fifth grade. Both students enjoy the gifted program because of the flexibility.

Mr. Jaeger is the instructor of the gifted program, or independent studies. Guse said he likes Mr. Jaeger because “…his unique views have allowed me to learn to the best of my abilities.”  

Bassett believes that the district-wide showcase, “Gave the younger kids a chance to kinda see how the older kids were working on.”

This is the first showcase of the year, but Guse believes there will be another one in late spring about the project they are currently working on. Guse adds, “The current project that we are doing includes an independent study on a personal or service project.”