Planning for the future with personal plans of study

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High school is just a year away for eighth graders at Ozark Junior High. Eighth grade students have been working on their personal plans of study for two weeks, but with bad weather leading to snow days advisory lockdown will continue until February 21.

A personal plan of study is a roadmap that includes graduation requirements, approved coursework for the student’s educational and career goals, and developmentally-appropriate, work-based learning experiences. The personal plan of study is also developed with student counselors, teachers, and family members.

Eighth graders should complete their personal plan of study (PPoS) by February 22, and ninth graders should complete theirs by March 6.

Mr. Lasley the eighth grade counselor says, “The plan is reviewed annually and is revised as needed.”

Personal plans of study have been given to students for the past 12 years at  Ozark High school. The last three years both the high school and junior high have begun using a website called Naviance.The program helps students plan more effectively their classes and explore careers.

Students need to fill out their personal plans of study to help them focus on their educational goals for high school and to get an idea of what students schedules will be in future years.