Scorch Trials opens in theaters

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Maze Runner is a ongoing movie series that began with the first two films the Maze Runner, Scorch Trials and onto the newest movie The Death Cure. The Maze Runner movies have made big hits in the box office making over 6 million dollars within a few weeks of hitting the box office.

Emily McCulloch, an ninth grader at Ozark Junior High, watched The Death Cure February 10. McCulloch has seen all of the other Maze Runner movies and has also read the books, but she prefers the books over the movies. McCulloch watched the movie with Madison Maleare, also a ninth grader.

“I love the Maze Runner movies because they have a lot of twists and turns throughout the movie. These movies are scifi, they are about a group of people who were stuck in a maze and they escaped, but in the second movie,” explains McCulloch. “There is another problem and also in the third, but it’s kind of a mix of the Hunger Games and Divergent.”

“Each movies is different but Death Cure is by far my favorite it was super suspenseful and intense but then it got really sad, I even cried in the movie.”

McCulloch would give this movie a 4.375 out of 5 stars. “I gave this movie such a precise rating because I loved it so much, but I did not like when they killed two specific characters. I would recommend this movie to everyone because the series is super good and intense always making you want to see more.”