An Olympic Finish

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Shaun White and Chloe Kim may be the most popular in the winter Olympics for the American team, but there were many other American Olympians such as the men’s curling team who took first after taking second in 2014. Jessie Diggins took first in the women’s cross country skiing as one of nine American athletes.

After 16 days the PyeongChang Winter Olympics has finally ended and now the world will have to wait another four years to see the best winter sport athletes in the world compete in the next Olympics in Beijing.

Shaun White was one of many names in the Olympics this year. White avenged himself with an almost perfect run on the Snowboarding halfpipe. Four years ago White placed fourth, later saying, “Sochi was the worst thing I could have imagined.”  

With his third gold medal out of four Olympic games, White could not have redeemed himself any better. Lindsay Vaughn and Chloe Kim were two of the biggest names in the Olympics for the American women athletes.

Vaughn, as a downhill skier, was an Olympic veteran and PyeongChang will probably be her last Olympics where she took third. Kim is 18 years old and even though was a rookie to the Olympics she blew away the competition and won the gold in the Women’s Snowboarding Halfpipe.

The first North Korean athletes competed in this year’s Olympics as a pair of figure skaters and although the skaters did not win a medal it was a huge deal to see these people competing alongside the world’s best athletes.

In other world Olympic news the Russian team did not go under the Russian name but were called the OAR or the Olympic Athletes from Russia. This was because the Russian athletes were caught doping in 2017 which led to a ban for any Russian athlete who could not pass the drug test. The athletes that did pass went under the name OAR and were barred from representing Russia under the Olympic flag.

The closing ceremony was held February 25. At the end of the games the small country of Norway had the most medals with 39 and 14 of them were gold.