New generation new problems

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Early in February the Ozark Junior High School held an assembly discussing the dangers of sexting and bullying, where many kids held different feelings on the topic.

Most of the students who attended agreed that in today’s time it is important to be aware of the outcomes when you send a picture. Abbey Hammons, a freshman, at Ozark Junior High was at the assembly.  

“I think that this assembly helped many students realize that being stupid and making poor choices can have serious outcomes,” said Hammons.

Maggie Kensinger, an eighth grader, shared her thoughts on the topic. “I understand the reasoning behind the assembly,” Kensinger began, “but I don’t have anything to hide on my phone. It didn’t change my opinion about sexting in any way. My mom can search through my phone, I have nothing.”

Chloi Garrison, a freshman, also was impacted by the thought of helping students by having an assembly. “You know the administration can only do so much, but the fact that we are acknowledging this is pretty special. I think that it is important for students to realize how harmful social media can be and how a picture can impact your life,” Garrison states.

Loren Newell, an eighth grader, adds “I think it’s important for this generation to understand that the choices they make can affect the rest of their life.”

This assembly was definitely a privilege for the OJH, and hopefully there will be a change in some students’ attitudes and actions.