Super Bowl Selfie

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Thirteen-year-old Ryan McKenna was watching the Super Bowl halftime show when all of a sudden famous pop singer Justin Timberlake came into the crowd and stood right next to McKenna. He then pulled out his phone and took a selfie with Timberlake.

Right after the selfie, McKenna posted his selfie right then and there which went viral getting over 8,000 new Instagram followers overnight. He was on Good Morning America, the Today Show, and even the Ellen Show. There have also been a few memes about McKenna.

On the Ellen Show he told the real story of why he was looking at his phone right after he took a picture with Timberlake. It was because he was filming the halftime show, but when Timberlake got up to him his phone crashed and was trying to get it working again. They also called Justin Timberlake on the Ellen Show and he started tearing up. Timberlake gave him VIP tickets to come and watch his show, also being a Patriots fan the NFL gave him VIP New England Patriots tickets on the Ellen Show.

Amy Surface, eighth grader at Ozark Junior High, watched most of the halftime show and says, “I didn’t watch the whole halftime show, but I thought it was pretty good for the part I saw. When I saw the kid at first, I didn’t really think anything of it except he looked disinterested.”

Hanna Metcalf, also an 8 grader at Ozark Junior High, added, “I basically just watch the Super Bowl just to watch the halftime and the commercials. When I saw the kid with his phone I was the only one who found it funny out of my family so I didn’t think that it would get that popular at all.”