Drama I tryouts begin

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The future ninth grade Drama I tryouts were held February 13 and February 20. They were in Ms. Houston’s room 209.

Students who participate in drama next year will be performing for the school play in the first semester of the school year while in the second they will be putting on a play for district competition. Also in class they will be working on imagination, characterization, concentration, blocking for the stage, movement and arrangement on the stage, voice for the stage, musical theatre, and any other units that time allows.

“It really is a great experience and it gets you over stage fright and makes you more social in general,” Ella Metcalf, former and current drama student, explains. Metcalf admits she was very anxious for her first performance, but once she started rehearsals, other students were very supportive of her and everyone else who auditioned.

Speaking of rehearsals, the actors and actresses work very hard for these shows that they produce. They work during class, at home, and twice a week for 2-3 hours after school. Ms. Houston, the drama teacher, says, “It’s a lot of fun, and if you have time for after school rehearsal, it’s a great way to meet new people and have new experiences.”

Drama isn’t just fun and games, there has to be the right people for it, who are up for the challenge, and who will work for it. Ms. Houston was looking for certain people for this class. “People who have a lot of enthusiasm,” make a great addition to the program, says Ms. Houston. She adds that she looks for students who like to be the center of attention, but can also work with groups. “People who are hard workers,” says Mrs. Houston,” and those who enjoy being part of a group. People who are willing to take risks.”

Many people don’t want to try out because they have stage fright. But a fun fact is that on stage, the audience can see the actors on stage, but the actors can’t see the audience. The room is so dark and the stage lights are so bright that the actors can’t focus on the people watching them.

Also, the team of performers that are also on stage, are super supportive of everyone and encouragement is used all the time says Metcalf. “We practice really hard, we really bond together like a small family because we will be being around each quite a bit.”