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Ozark kidnapper caught

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Ozark had an exciting and scary week when 37 year old Waite Aaron Showalter, stole a car at a Rogersville Kum and Go, and then realized when driving that there was a baby girl in the backseat.

Police officers say that Showalter didn’t mean to kidnap the baby, he just wanted the car. The baby’s aunt left the car running with the baby inside while going in to pay for gas.

After Showalter realized there was a baby in the car he pulled over at a counseling center and ran while leaving the baby in the car. Katie Marshall lives in the neighborhood right next to the counseling center. Marshall says, “We could see all the police cars come and the car that was stolen. It was a scary thing that happened, but thankfully it didn’t affect me and my family much.”

Later on a woman that lived in that neighborhood saw the car and rescued the baby, she says, “When I picked up the baby she was smiling, thank goodness she was not hurt at all.”

A week later police investigated and came in and found Showalter hiding out in a house in the neighborhood where he left the car.

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Ozark kidnapper caught