Grace Notes Choir Accepted in State Singing Championship

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The Ozark Junior High 8th and 9th grade Grace Notes Choir recently was accepted  to sing at Tan-Tar-A State Championship on January 24, 2019.

The audition process started in September of 2017.  “The Grace Notes started meeting after school and during advisory to rehearse the songs. We then recorded them near the end of the year and ended up submitting three in May as our audition tape. We eventually got our response in August that they had accepted our audition,” says one of the Ozark districts choir teachers.

Choir teacher at Ozark Junior High, Mrs.Campbell has high hopes for the upcoming Tan-Tar-A trip and things that will come out of it. “I think the Grace Notes are going to do a good job at Tan-Tar-A. They’ve been working really hard and want to put on a great performance. I’m most excited about these girls having a magical musical experience. It’s such an honor to be able to be chosen to sing and want them to all feel that.”


Mrs.Campbell and Mr.Wilkins have been helping the Grace Notes prepare for the performance. “The Grace Notes have been rehearsing during advisory once a week. We will start after school rehearsals in November to help us prepare.”


Mrs.Campbell is hoping that this will bring them together as a group and affect them positively in the long run. “Singing for Tan-Tar-A is such a unique experience that few get to have. The fact that both the 8th and 9th grade Grace Notes are in this together will create a bond that they will have forever. I hope it will help them foster a love for singing that will last throughout high school, college, and adulthood.”

Abby Beats, an 8th grade Grace Note Member is looking forward to performing at Tan-Tar-A. “I think it is going to be cool and fun to be able to go and perform somewhere else that has a bigger audience of about 3000 people, rather than our small amount, about 200 at the OJH concerts.”

Nicole Simmons, another 8th grade Grace Note member is looking forward to facing her fears at the performance. “I think it will make me better by giving me the experience of competition and facing my fears in front of people that I don’t know. I’m most nervous about messing up and forgetting part of the song.”

In 2013-2014 , the 8th and 9th grace Grace Notes got the same opportunity to perform at the Tan-Tar-A State Championship. A Grace Note member from that year, Cameron Manken, thought it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. This year the directors Mrs.Campbell and Mr.Wilkins, hope to have the same memories and experience.