Mrs. Webb’s Travels Influence Career Choice

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There are always more ways to learn about the world other than through a textbook. Fresh out of Evangel University, Carole Joy Webb chose to go to The Institute of Spanish Studies, in Valencia, Spain. During almost a year there, she wanted to deepen her skills of the Spanish language and broaden her knowledge of the culture so she could become a Spanish teacher.

“When I got there, I was actually so nervous that I forgot how to even say ‘Hola,’” said Webb. “I was so embarrassed, but the family I was staying with was awesome and understood that I was a foreign exchange student.”

Spending time in Spain, Mrs. Webb decided to participate in many Spanish traditions and events. Running of the Bulls, where bulls are lead through the streets of the old quarter, was just one of the many activities.

There are also different normalaties in Spain then in America. In Spain, as in most other countries in Europe, they don’t serve iced drinks. Restaurants don’t waste money producing ice, so tourists shouldn’t expect an ice cold drink if ever in Spain. They also take cold showers to preserve as much hot water as possible.

Mrs. Webb had an interesting experience when she and her friend were out walking near a construction site in the courtyard. An unusual construction site caught her eye. When she tapped her friend to ask what it was, her friend replied, “Oh those are just Roman ruins, no big deal.” Mrs. Webb was in awe. To come from Missouri, and then travel to a foreign country, it was a shock to have Roman ruins be a completely normal sight to Spaniards.

“I would love to take my family there for vacation one day,” stated Webb. “It is beautiful and rich in culture and history.”

This experience inspired her to become a history teacher. “The history is so rich that it encouraged me to become a social studies teacher, after I was influenced to be a Spanish teacher,” said Webb. “I can’t wait to go back one day.”