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Ozark Junior High Phone Policy Being Obeyed?

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As of 2018-2019, the Ozark Junior High policy states that” Student’s phones must be turned off before you enter the school building….” but is that happening?

” About five to ten phones are turned in every day, and that’s just if they were used enough that the staff had to take the phones and bring them to the office instead of just saying to put them away.” said Dr. Philip Link, assistant principal at the junior high.

One part of a staff members job is to police what the students do with their phones. That means staff are looking for phones that are out or students who are texting, taking pictures, or even cheating on tests or homework in class.

”There isn’t really a way to prevent eliminating all phones,” Dr. Link said,” I think it’s more important that we educate students on why we don’t use them during school hours. If they post something that they think is cute or funny, it can really put them in danger, and the fact that we are responsible for them during the day just makes us want to keep them safe even more. But I do feel like it’s better this year.”

Some students say they feel the policy is too strict. ” We should be able to at least listen to music on our phones. I think it’s unfair that we have to listen to music on the computers and don’t even get to use YouTube for anything whatsoever,” said an eighth grade girl.

But there are some students who understand why there is a policy. ”I know that they are just doing it for our safety and not just trying to make students miserable by taking their ph

ones away,” said a junior high student during advisory. Most say things around the school will be fixed one thing at a time and that phones probably aren’t at the top of that list, but it will come.

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Ozark Junior High Phone Policy Being Obeyed?