Ozark Water Line Break

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Many maintenance workers and administrators came in to help tape up sinks and water fountain and also turned off water. It was all hands on deck to try to get everything ready for Monday, September 24.

On Sunday, September 23 the city of Ozark had a 16 inch water line break. Once they repaired it, it broke a second time. The break created an atmosphere in the water where bacteria can grow. Ozark High School and a few neighboring homes were put on a boil order, September 23 – 24.

The water line break made it more difficult for the high school personnel to get the school prepared for student to come back.  “Sunday night a team of individuals came to the school to plan a reaction to the water,” said Dr. Carson. “They then went to the high school and turned off all of the water at the sinks and at the water fountains. Monday morning water was set out in bottles. The custodians set out coolers of water at the football field for students who were practicing and having PE down there.  Everyone pitched in to make it a successful day for students. The cooks had to boil water to use to cook and sanitize. The staff at the high school made it, despite the water problems, a pretty magnificent day. I even came over for lunch, and it was very tasty!”

The school will have some damage costs because of the flooding caused by the back-flow when the water turned back on. Part of that cost will be picked up by the school’s insurance.

Students reacted differently to the water line break. “The water line did not really affect me,” said sophomore Addison Reynolds. “The school gave us free water bottles and we couldn’t wash our hands in the normal sinks. They served the same kinds of food at lunch. We just used styrofoam trays so they didn’t have to clean the trays with the nasty water.”

But not all students thought the same as Reynolds. “It affected me a little bit because I usually get water from the fountain in between sets in the weight room when I am in weights. Some other students did have the same problem as I did,” said sophomore Nathan Thrasher. “It was kind of weird going by the water fountains on the way to class and seeing the tape and the “do not drink” sign. During class when students would ask to use the restroom we would have to use hand sanitizer to clean our hands,” said Thrasher.