Ozark Hosts Pride of the Ozarks Marching Festival

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The annual Pride of the Ozarks Marching Band Festival was held again this year on Saturday, September 29, 2018. The competition hosted 22 marching bands and multiple judges at the Ozark High School. Along with these bands, the Ozark Freshman marching band had their first performance at POTO.

Bands from Missouri and Arkansas came to Ozark to compete in the semifinals, but only 12 of the 22 bands made it to finals. Although Ozark could not compete, the Ozark High School band still performed half of their show. Along with the high school, the Ozark Freshman Marching Band had their first performance as a marching band ever. Their show, entitled “Separate Ways”, was composed by Mr. Chapman, the percussion teacher for Ozark.

“I think POTO overall was a really good day. We got to perform, and the anticipation leading up to performing was scary and fun at the same time. Going up there and doing our thing was really enjoyable,” said Anna Schnakenberg, a trumpet player in the freshman band.

The freshman show consisted of 7 sets, after which they held and marked time (moved their feet in time with the music) throughout the rest of the show. They had been preparing the music since May 2018 and throughout the summer band camp days they had to attend. Freshmen had not started setting the drill for the show until September.

Not long after the freshman band performed, the judges announced who was going to be in finals. They gave out awards for color guard, general effect, and other aspects of the shows.

After the finals performances that night they announced who the winners were. In the top five places in order were Ft. Zumwalt North, Kickapoo, Nixa, Truman, and Ft. Zumwalt South.

The freshman band march up the hill to the high school field in preparation for their show.