Boys and Girls Basketball Off-Season Begins

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Ozark seventh and eighth grade girls are working alongside their teammates to practice their plays for the season. Players at practices switch groups often to meet all of their fellow team members.

Basketball off-season has officially started for players that want to try out at the end of October. At off-season practices, players get back in shape to start a new season. Off-season started at the end of August and will go through the beginning of October. Tryouts are held October 17 and 18th in the junior high main gym at 3:15. Boys tryouts are October 29th and 30th at 3:00 in the junior high main gym. There are only 12 spots on the boys and girls team. Players that made the team have to attend the four days of practice that are held after school.

Eighth grade boys basketball has been working on their own due to limited contact days that we can have with our players.  We have established shoot-arounds on various days, plus we worked out over the summer which included basketball camp and Nixa Shootout Tournament. I am looking forward to the day that we, as coaches, can spend more time with our players.” stated Thomas Campa the boys basketball coach.

Coaches also get to interact with the players who could possibly be on their team. The players have time with their coaches and figure out what the coach expects.  Practice allows players to get to know the teammates and have bonding time with them.

“ I like off-season basketball because it’s not only that I get to play basketball, but I have fun and get to see my friends. We also laugh when we make mistakes,” stated Abby Wofford, girls basketball player.

Most of the players have fun bonding with their teammates and having fun shooting around. Players that attend off-season practices prepare for tryouts. Also, the players get to interact with other players and start to become a team. Coaches get to see the upcoming players for the season.

¨The players and I shoot and run the plays. We also get to know the coaches. We get ready and in shape to face our biggest component Nixa before the season,¨ stated Ethan Sutherland, boys basketball player stated.