Golf is a Way of Life For One Freshman

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Maddie Greenlee hits a hole in one. She didn’t know she had hit a hole in one until she made it down to find the golf ball. She said smiling,“Huh, I’ve never done that before.”

When other ninth graders are at home doing homework, Maddie Greenlee will be found on the Golf Course. She is the only freshman and has to continue pushing to get better.

“It is challenging being the only freshman on varsity because I get overwhelmed when missing a lot of school and gets me behind. However being on varsity does push me to get better every day,” Maddie Greenlee states. “When I was younger my dad introduced me to the game and now I enjoy playing competitively.”

Maddie didn’t have a normal tryout like other sports, she had to get on the team by going to a tournament in front of the Ozark coaches.

“My first day of tryouts was playing in an SMJGA tournament at Highland Springs. The coach told us individually who made the team and who would be on varsity and JV. I tried out for golf because I enjoy the game and enjoy being part of a team. It’s is a great way to meet other athletes from different schools.”

Even though Maddie Greenlee is excellent at golf, she also uses a coach on a daily practice schedule.

“Our team has a wide variety of talents, abilities, and experience on the team so day to day my responsibilities change,” said Coach Mullis. “I look at the potential of a player and how high their ceiling is. You can always get a lot better at golf; it does seem to come in waves. You can plateau for a while and then figure out what can get you to the next level. I’d say if you want to get better you have to practice and practice a lot. Golf is a game where if you go a few days without hitting balls or playing you can lose your touch real quick. Like anything, the more time you devote to it the better you can become.”     

The Ozark High School varsity girls golf team consists of five girls. Maddie Greenlee is the only freshman girl on varsity and is proud how far she has come. She gets challenged every practice and is working to be the best golfer she can possibly be by one day getting a scholarship.