Are Your After School Snacks Healthy?

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Skylar Hembree and Grace and Gabby Paladino enjoy snacks at Kum and Go.

Many students walk over to Kum and Go and Sonic to enjoy a snack everyday. The lines in Kum and Go can be all throughout the store, and Sonic has many cars and people swarmed around it. But the food options can be unhealthy. Most of Sonic’s menu consists of shakes and burgers. While Kum and Go can have good options, they also have bad options which is what students seem to get.    

After taking a poll of where students prefer to buy their  after school snacks the results were 51 prefer Sonic and 49 prefer Kum and Go. Does that mean that Sonic is healthier?

 Mrs. Low said she felt Kum & Go has healthier selections. “They have healthy choices like fruits and vegetables and Sonic doesn’t,” says Low.

 Mrs. Wilder, one of the lunch ladies said she recommends nuts and protein after school for a good snack.

“Super Healthy Kids” article recommends frozen yogurt grapes. The instructions say to dip grapes in yogurt, and freeze them. Anything from apples to frozen yogurt grapes can be simple and healthy.

 If students are in  sports, coaches encourage them to eat better to play better. Eating Sonic everyday is certainly not good. Sonic’s healthiest option is their grilled chicken sandwich and it has 343 calories. An average woman needs to eat 2,000 calories a day. Men need to eat around 2,500.

Overall, eating healthy after school can be very important. It can affect weight, athletic ability, and much more. Before walking over to Sonic, think if it’s worth it.